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Drowning is the Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Children 1-4 Years Old

* www.dds.ca.gov



  • ISR has been teaching survival swimming lessons for over 50 years.
  • ISR is the safest provider of swimming lessons worldwide.
  • Each lesson is tailored to meet your child’s needs as they progress.
  • Over 800 ISR students have used their ISR skills when they needed them most.

Learn more about what ISR believes at https://www.infantswim.com/


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Mindy Odell grew up in competitive swim and when she became a mom, she wanted to teach her daughter to swim too. Mindy found ISR while searching for the best techniques to teach a child how to swim and decided to get certified when she discovered that there were no ISR certified instructors in Shasta County.

Mindy loves coaching and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of her students and her community. As someone who has grown up in the North State, she is excited to be serving the families in this amazing community. Please spread the word and join her mission: Not one more child drowns in Shasta County!


Through ISR, my son has become more confident and can swim more safely where before he was scared to go into the water. Mindy was incredibly patient and informed us on how we can help him outside of lessons.

- Becca Head

I chose ISR swim lessons over traditional swim lessons because of the immense benefit to my child’s life and safety. Accidents happen all the time and many infants and toddlers sadly lose their lives over it. Having my daughter take ISR lessons has brought me a lot of peace of mind knowing that she has these self-rescue skills and training. My daughter and I really enjoyed our experience with Mindy. The quality of training my daughter received was excellent! My daughter is very strong willed and took a while to warm-up to being in the water, so there were many tantrums! However, I really appreciated how Mindy handled my daughter’s outbursts. Mindy was very patient and understanding with her, and it really helped to build her comfort level and confidence with being in the water. By the end of my daughter’s ISR swim lessons she had learned all of the target skills. Now she’s like a little fish, she loves swimming and showing off her skills. I’m very thankful to Mindy and the amazing training she provides! I fully recommend her to anyone with children.

- Dani Pavone